Lincolnshire Schools Poetry Competition The first poetry competition was held in 1996, originating from an idea proposed by Mr. Bernard Chase  (Hon. Secretary to the Trustees). The 2018 competition was judged by Chris Martin,  the current Stamford Poet Laureate

2018 Prizewinners in the Willoughby Memorial Library

with competition judge Chris Martin (right) and Trustee Mr John Kirkman (left).

KS1 First Prize

Billy Hanbury - Witham Hall School


Swallows fly say goodbye

Berries red in the bushes

Yellow leaves fall off the trees

Hot chocolate round the fire

Snow starts to fall


And now its calm winter days

Hedgehogs snore

Squirrels feast

Mice steal


Snow melts new life  

Flowers bloom

Rain falls

Hedgehogs wake

Squirrels climb


We have ice lollies

We bathe in the sun

Everyone loves summer

KS2 First Prize

Kristian Rushworth – Bourne Abbey C of E Primary Academy

I am a refugee

I am a refugee,

Nothing can stop that.

I am uninvited here,

An unfortunate, lonely, lost soul.

Being silenced by the nattering of the community,

A lonely, lost soul.

I am surrendering to sorrow,

A tsunami to my boat.

I am hungry,

Empty as a lake with no water.

I am thirsty,

Mouth like sandpaper.

I am seeking a new beginning,

Loosing the memories of darkness.

I am a refugee,

I can’t help that.

KS3 Special Mention

Tillie Craven – Witham Hall School

Appreciate Nonsense

One cold Summer morning,

In September, last July.

The dead man woke up from his grave,

And began to shout and cry.

The deaf man heard him coming,

So he hid down on a hill.

He called his lame donkey,

To fetch an unpaid bill.

The blind man saw,

That the dead man had passed

So he told the mute boy,

Who exclaimed, “Oh blast!”

The next fine Winter morning,

When the flowers were in full bloom.

I went down to the cellar,

To tidy the upstairs room.