Lincolnshire Schools Poetry Competition The first poetry competition was held in 1996, originating from an idea proposed by Mr. Bernard Chase  (Hon. Secretary to the Trustees). The 2019 competition was judged by Chris Martin,  the current Stamford Poet Laureate

2019 Prize-giving in the Willoughby Memorial Library

KS1 First Prize

KS2 First Prize - Gus Woodfield

Witham Hall School

KS3 First Prize

Kesteven & Sleaford High School

"I want to know the truth" she begged on her knees,

"Give me a sign God, please."

She walks the church ground letting her fingers trace

The cold, hard stone of each bleak grave.

She fingers the necklace she'd worn since she was one,

the tiny, silver cross twinkles in the sun.

We are told that to swallow our opinion is to have pride,

That we must be blind to reality and blind to the lies;

But the God I know, love and trust

Would never kill or turn a city to dust.

So why have I been taught that God is hate?

That to show my neck or my knees is a disgrace.

I am taught that to love a girl is a sin,

that heaven would never let a homosexual in.

Every Sunday I am parroted these lies,

But if God doesn't exist, then who am I?

Isabel Lyle, 13 years old (year9)

KS4 First Prize

Kesteven & Grantham Girls School



Today I’m feeling blue

And I haven’t really got a clue,

Why I feel unwanted and so terribly torn,

I’ve got a cupboard full of fake smiles waiting to be worn.


Today I’m feeling blue,

Why is it so hard to be true,

To you, or me, or to myself?

I’ve got a stack of fake happiness waiting on the shelf.


Today I’m feeling blue,

And I’m trying to be nice to you,

Even though you look to me as if I’m bloody,

I’ve got a pile of fake laughs waiting in the study.


Today I’m feeling blue,

But there’s nothing I can do,

Until a caring caller appears,

That will get rid of all my fears.


Hana Ahmed-Mahmoud

Year 10

KS4 Second Prize

Sam Feary  - Boston Grammar School

KS4 Third Prize