Recent  Exhibition Half Broken Hopes   Painting and Sculpture Szilvia Ponyiczki

The focus of Szilvia’s practice is the exploration of the personal and the collective unconscious through art. Dream and symbol interpretation is a key element of her creative process, which provides the basis for capturing the non-tangible. In her paintings, shapes and negative space entwine resulting in layers to explore. She uses figurative abstraction to create an expressive and emotionally charged visual realm. The schematic and simplified forms come from an ever-growing library of imagery she has built over years of studies, supplemented by content related symbols taken from myths, traditional fairy tales and alchemical manuscripts. The works exhibited all belong to her dream-carpet series.

The dream-carpets refer to the complex symbolic patterns of life and the secret designs of fate, just like the traditionally woven Middle Eastern rugs. Although their visual starting points are oriental carpets, instead of motifs found in nature, they use the motifs of the human soul: the symbols of the collective unconscious inherent in all human beings since ancient times. As opposed to traditional weaving, the flexible and impulsive technique of painting organically displays the chaos of the present age, referring to the diversity and struggles of the world with all its battles lost and won. 

As an artist, Szilvia works on the visual portrayal of the world of the unconscious. Her biomorphic hieroglyphics represent this sphere; and though her focus is on painting, now she has started to give these shapes a sculptural form.