12 June to 3 July

Paintings and Drawings

Local landscapes

Simon Davies

A Mosaic Odyssey

Glass and mirror mosaics

Karen Mann

Working primarily in oils, charcoal and graphite, Simon gathers visual information through photography, reworking, reinventing and developing as the paintings progress and evolve.

His work centres round nature, primarily woodland, trees, shadows, clouds, bright sunlight and darkness. A central theme is nature's beauty and glory and how it can also be threatening, even hostile but always full of wonder and life. 

He cites the literary work of M R James as a major influence. The ancient landscape carrying a spirit, a hidden presence and an almost supernatural power all tied in a history that is in every tree, every undulation of the land and in every vast, open Fenland landscape.

“I love the freedom of making mosaics and I create whatever grabs my interest whether that's abstract, flowers, birds, skulls or a phoenix. My pieces grow organically as I cut, shape and glue the glass and I finish with a black grout to make the colours pop! Each piece of glass is hand cut to give a unique mosaic that can be placed in the garden for colour and interest all year round or hung in the home.”