Betwixt &Between

Mirella Bandini

Ceramics and found objects. The cracks that open amidst? The spaces buried and almost lost…Fleeting moments; Floating worlds; Magic, memories and (e)motion.

Mirella Bandini is an emerging artist working primarily in ceramics, often coupled with or inspired by found objects.  She has an inherent love of old rusty metal, gnarled wood, wire and cotton thread, and these elements weave their way into her pieces.  She follows an intuitive process of making – a communion between clay and the human hand.  She explores the spontaneity and surprise of random and unique finishes over which she has little to no control.  Her pieces are frequently figurative in nature with a deeply emotive quality.  They are often bound physically or contextually to a specific place.   This connection to place and emotion strives to create a continuum between mind, space and object.   Her landscape architectural education and South African upbringing emerge as generators in her work and contribute to its underlying emotive qualities.

Meet the artist at the gallery 2 - 4 pm Saturday 20 July